Psychometric Test

By Susmina Thapaliya

July 25, 2021


Date: 15 April 2021


My mind is covered in fog right now!

You might be wondering why!

 As a teenager, I have so much on my plates, so many issues to tackle. The one which is bothering me the most is one related to my career-  which area  I fit in?


 I am so confused about which career to choose. There is so much uncertainty and dilemma. For instance, questions like: What if I end up  choosing the wrong career and destroy  my career even before it begins? What if I don’t have enough skills and aptitude  for the career I choose? I seek help from my parents, but what if they persuade me to pick a career of their choice. 


 While self-reflecting, I have felt that I am good at managing projects, but then, later, I realize I am not that good in accounting or math!

 I enjoy  watching documentaries and dream of becoming a documentary maker, but then, I realize I am not a good storyteller or a writer!

I do enjoy watching and learning about animals and insects and dream of become a zoologist, but then, I realize I don’t have a passion for studying physics and chemistry, which is a must pass to graduate high school!  


Sometimes, I feel I am interested in so many things but don’t have essential skills to excel in any! I have been facing this problem for a while now, and I wish I could make an instant decision to solve the problem. I know many of you of my age are  facing  the same problem. I wish I have an answer for you! 🙁

Date: 20 April 2021 


Guess What? I am back, and surprisingly I solved my problem so  quickly and easily than I had expected. Now it’s time to help you fellows and provide you details on how I solved the problem.  A week ago, I was scrolling through my social media,  and a post caught my attention. The term mentioned was new to me!  Being a curious George,  I clicked the post right straight. The post led me to the solution to  my problem. 

 Light at the other end of the tunnel! – A test called Psychometric Assessment! 

 Like many of you, I don’t enjoy sitting for the test, but  taking the Psychometric Assessment Test was life-changing for me, and it could be for you. 

The name itself, “Psychometric Assessment: may sound complex, but it’s straightforward to take.

Let’s get  familiar with the term before learning about it. The term psychometric is derived from two Greek words meaning “Mental” and “Measurement”. A psychometric test is a systematic and scientific approach to understand a person’s personality and traits  and allocate the suitable career option in which they can thrive with the skills and abilities they possess.  It is a test  that you take to choose the right career option for yourself in which the system gives you the result. This test is taken online, and there is no manual calculation and intervention instead, all the analyzing is done by a software. In recent times this method is profoundly used in the employee recruitment process by big companies and organizations. In West and European countries,  Psychometric Assessment is a  famous test among students for choosing the career that best fits them especially well.  


Psychometric tests are gaining popularity because of these mentioned vital  traits. 

  1. No manual intervention: The chance  of the result being manipulated and biased is zero. Manual checking isn’t done and the general information of the candidate remains confidential,  taking manipulation level to zero.
  2. Online Medium: The test is done online, so this test is accessible, approachable, and available to everyone around the globe who has access to the internet. No requirement of physical presence in an examination hall is yet another trait of psychometric test.
  3. Brightens ability and interest: Many people are unknown to their own skills, ability and interest. Not only does the psychometric test choose the right carry option for them but also paves the way to discover their traits, ability,  and interest that  remains hidden within them.
  4. Right decision: It assists candidates in making the right career choice at the beginning of their career, which prevents any  future complications such as changing the career frequently and losing time and academic year due to confusion over career choices etc. This test assists the career in running smoothly as the right decision is made at the beginning of the career.


Psychometric tests are proven to be very effective when taken correctly and at the right time. For students, a psychometric test is best found to be effective when taken in high school or middle school. Children aged 14 and 15 are suitable for the test as they have gained informed traits of adult  behavioral patterns.  Psychometric test is fruitful when done at crucial junctions of life. It helps you understand your true potential, skill sets, and aptitude. All the given reasons made me compelled to take the psychometric test,  and I am thrilled to have taken that test as it assisted me in choosing the right career option for myself. 


Before the test,  I was nervous not knowing what result it would  generate! 

 As the test proceeds, I realized the test was not subject specific but rather it revolved around personality traits, likes and dislikes and interests of the text giver. In a way it was revelatory- a self discovery.   The test made me reflect.  At that point I realized I was not a narrow minded unskilled teen but one who has much to offer to the others and the community. After completion of my test, the result was out and the result wasn’t something I was expecting. Never had I known that I have  entrepreneurial instincts in  me.  It displayed “Entrepreneurship” as one of  my career options!

 Well, deep down somewhere, I always wanted to be a business person,  but it was just a thought. But now, that thought is converted into a thing, an idea, a path to my destination.


After self evaluating based on the results, I was enlightened that I was exposed to only certain careers and was trying to fit myself in those, instead of boosting the skills and  ability in career I could excel.  So, in a way, psychometric tests came as a savior! I have decided that I will study management now. I will polish my skills sets, and also learn new tools, so one day, I can become a successful entrepreneur. 

If you are also facing the same problem as me, I strongly suggest you take the psychometric test. Let me know if you need help! Resume Didi does provide psychometric tests in Nepal! Trust me! You will benefit from it! 


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