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Resume Didi is a women-led social enterprise working for the holistic development of high school students. We aim to help students through our services like guidance counseling, soft skills training programs, and other relevant exposures and coaching. We want to establish ourselves as a guidance counselor firm for high school students.

Why Us?

The concept of school counseling began in the United States in the 1900s. While this concept came to Nepal in 1971/72, the practical application is still lagging. 

 The age at which students in Nepal are required to make their education choices and decide a part of their future comes as a pressing need for guidance counseling. When a student finishes grade 10 and moves to grade 11, she or he is about 15-17 years old. Most of the students are too young to understand the impact their decisions have on their future. 

Our Impact




Resume Didi directly focuses on the main needs of students i.e social skills and confidence. This has helped many students including me in personal development.
Dibya Jyoti Adhikari
This event has significantly assisted me in becoming a better communicator. I was even given the opportunity to engage myself in different other Resume Didi’s events for the high schoolers. I would recommend Resume Didi to every high schooler who is in search of Career service providing institutions along with developing different soft skills.
Susmina Thapaliya
Thank you for organizing an amazing program. The session was informative and was also very interesting. I have learned to believe in myself and tips to be a better communicator. It was a great time and I will look forward for attending more sessions with you.
Riya Bajracharya

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 Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur, Nepal 

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