About Us

Resume Didi is a women-led social enterprise working for the holistic development of high school students. We aim to help students through our services like guidance counseling, soft skills training programs, and other relevant exposures and coaching. We want to establish ourselves as a guidance counselor firm for high school students. We provide customized soft skills development training programs for high school students. We offer one-to-one services that include 


career counseling, resume writing, interview preparation, and self-assessment tests. We are also working closely with private schools as guidance counseling consultants. 

The Government of Nepal introduced the concept of school counseling in 1971/72. Even after 50 years, the real-life application of school counseling faces a big gap. We, at Resume didi, aim to fill that gap through our services. Working with a young age group allows us to impart crucial life skills like critical thinking and decision-making that the students can carry for the rest of their lives. With Resume Didi, we want to help match students with their skills and abilities. 

Over 1500 students from 30 plus schools in different parts of Nepal have benefited from our free soft skills development training program. We have conducted more than 50 one-to-one counseling sessions. We have also created more than 40 customized resumes for freshers and working professionals. 



Our vision is to provide holistic development for high school students and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of quality education. 


Our mission is to become a trusted guidance counseling firm for high school students, an organization that they can turn to for advice and suggestions.

Our Story

The story behind Resume Didi is the story of many individuals around us. It is a telling tale about the gap in proper counseling in schools for young individuals. As high school students, the four co-founders were skeptical about the education stream they picked after grade 10. It took them several years of hit and trial to figure out a good match between their skills and real-life job requirements. When they reflected, they realized that proper guidance counseling might have saved them some of the trouble and helped them realize their potential at an earlier time. As their thoughts coincided, they came together and made a vow that they would try their best to prevent what happened to them from happening to the students of the coming generation. The idea for Resume Didi was born.    

Behind the Name - Resume Didi 

The word ‘Resume’ can be understood as a verb and as a noun. As a verb, it means to restart, to rekindle, to begin again. As a noun, ‘Resume’ stands for a customized CV. The word was a good match as we are trying to restart or rekindle the concept of school counseling introduced to Nepal about five decades ago. Since a CV is one of the first documents to prepare to get a new job, the meanings carried by the word ‘Resume’ struck a chord with us. 

Didi represents women. As a women-led social enterprise, we wanted to change the patriarchal concept where a Dai (or a man) is always the savior or the helper. This time the Didis (women) are here to help you. 

Resume Didi is here to ignite the fire inside you. 

Resume Didi is here to rekindle the spark so students can rise and shine in the future. 

Resume Didi is here to jumpstart your passion so you can change it into a profession.

Thus, we called ourselves Resume Didi!  

Why Us?

The concept of school counseling began in the United States in the 1900s. While this concept came to Nepal in 1971/72, the practical application is still lagging. 

The age at which students in Nepal are required to make their education choices and decide a part of their future comes as a pressing need for guidance counseling. When a student finishes grade 10 and moves to grade 11, she or he is about 15-17 years old. Most of the students are too young to understand the impact their decisions have on their future. 

Once a student picks the management stream, it becomes difficult for them to change it to science later on. Choosing the science stream as a safeguard to keep career options open despite not being interested in the subjects is a scenario we are all familiar with. This situation further highlights the need for self-assessment, reflection, and guidance.

At Resume Didi, we provide proper guidance that can help students decide better for their future.