Services we provide

Currently, Resume Didi provides customized soft skills development training programs for high school students. We also offer one-to-one career counseling, resume writing, interview preparation, and self-assessment tests to our clients. We work closely with private schools as a guidance counseling consultant. We want to establish Resume Didi as a guidance counselor firm for high school students. 

A brief overview of our current services:

School Consulting

Resume Didi plans to work as a consultant guidance counselor firm for schools to provide proper guidance and career counseling to students and parents. In this program, we contact each student from grade 8 to 10, provide one-to-one counseling, and organize monthly soft skills and leadership training programs for the duration of 12 to 18 months. We will charge a fixed fee to run this program.

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Career Counseling

A career counseling session can help students gather more information about career options in Nepal and abroad. Many students are curious and concerned about the education streams they pick. Resume Didi offers career counseling sessions at a reasonable cost. Students can also combine career counseling sessions with self-assessment tests.

Self Assessment Test

Self Assessment Tests help you better understand your strengths, capabilities, and weaknesses. The hour-long test will help the candidate/student know more about himself/herself. 

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Soft Skill Development and Leadership Training

In this competitive age, soft skills hold the key to success. Young Nepalese often lack essential soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, and public speaking. Resume Didi team regularly organizes soft skills training which is open to young students. This training aims to bridge the soft skills gap.

Resume Writing

Resume Writing is a relatively new concept in Nepal. Freshers often go to cyber cafes for a generic resume, which fails to reflect the potential of the individual. Resume Didi works with trained CV writers for customized CVs.

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Interview Preparation

A good impression during an interview is essential for landing the job. Going for a job interview for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Thus, to better prepare a candidate for the job interview, Resume Didi offers interview preparation sessions. During this session, counselors explain the dos and don’ts of job interviews. They also provide the candidate with possible questions the actual interviewer may ask and conduct a mock interview.