My brain doesn’t process like yours

By Urusha Chalise 

May 30, 2021

Mental Illness isn’t one’s choice, but recovery Is.

Yes, I’ve got bipolar disorder.

 Yes, I do know it’s very tough on my behalf to remain on a single topic than hundreds during any discourse. Rather than getting annoyed by me, bring me back to the subject we were discussing. My brain doesn’t process like yours.

 If only people understood that the brain is the most vital organ of our body. Simply because you cannot X-ray a psychological state like a broken bone, it doesn’t mean it’s not harmful or any less hurtful.

Emotional disorder, formerly referred to as mental disorder, results in unfamiliar behaviour due to a shift in mood, activity, thinking capacity, and inner ability to cope. 

It is difficult for people littered with bipolar disorder or any mental issues like mine.  I fight for my health each day in ways individuals mostly never understand. I am not slothful; I am a fighter! Don’t tease me, instead show love, respect and acceptance. Don’t poke me, rather help me avoid the negative influence. Good people don’t rag others, but lift them. Help me obviate the mental problem. Help me stay in a normal psychological state! Help me concentrate! I have the ability; all I would like is your support.

I select to be loved by people within society. I really don’t like being unusual, but feeling disconnected, illogical, drop in functioning, mood swing, nervousness, change in appetite is what came upon me.  I experienced this illness due to long term stress. Many people like me are suffering because of different reasons like child abuse, bereavement, discrimination, social isolation, force, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and a lot more.

I am a victim and I understand how important the mental health is. I believe no one should suffer in silence; one can make their psychological state better by exercising and eating healthy foods, by rapport building, by getting much sleep, managing stress, and asking for help from others when necessary.

Now that I have been through it all myself, I genuinely believe that different dimensions of well-being play a significant role in making life simpler and happier.

 Physical well-being is about exercising healthy habits and performing physical activities, which results in a balanced state of the body. Environmental well-being concentrates on living respectful life by fulfilling your duties and responsibilities.

Social well-being specializes in nurturing the relationship between each other, and lastly, the emotional dimension contributes towards self-respect and managing owns emotion to measure happy life which makes individuals life satisfactory.

Mental Issues aren’t one’s choice, but recovery is. Recovery isn’t only one activity. It’s a very long-time process that takes place sooner or later, one step at a time. You can help them empower and get a healthier life. When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘we’, even illness becomes wellness. Let’s help people share their stories and live healthier and happier life like yours.

Today I shared my story. Now it is your turn. Don’t be ashamed of sharing your story, it’ll inspire others.

Start your day with a grateful heart. Let us support mental health awareness month.

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